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it will not be as cold as this morning, temperatures from santa rosa to napa, even over towards livermore, san jose, and san mateo expected to be cold tonight. look at monday morning, temperatures close to 20 in places like napa and santa rosa, even san jose tomorrow night expected to get down to 27 degrees. now if you can recall and just take your mind back, this is the seventh consecutive morning we've seen with temperatures below 32 degrees for napa, and of course that takes a long effect on your body, we want to make sure you're taking it easy, i'll have more coming up. >>> good advice, thank you. >>> and caltrans possibly looking at shutting down the area, people on the grapevine were stuck for miles, crews shut down all lanes about 9:30 this morning, the chp started to let drivers through at 1:30 this afternoon, a long, long delay. and the snow here produced quite a bit of snow in sierra, placerville reporting four inches of new snow, we'll show you the slopes coming up later. and right now if you plan to head that direction, chains are required on summit 80 and highway 50. >>> and today is d
out near 25 in napa. 28 in concord. south bay, san jose expected to be down to 32 degrees. tomorrow night gets even colder under clear sky. napa going down to 21. 27 in san jose. here's the thing. all of the rain we saw this morning, the potential for black ice remains on those roads. that will be the case through tomorrow morning at about 9:00, 10:00. with black ice you can't really see it. the only hint you can have is the pavement may look a little wet. tomorrow morning as you head out, if you notice that, keep in mind there could be black ice and pay attention to those other drivers around you because we always say it's never our faulting right. what to expect. the coldest of the weather will come tomorrow night where temperatures will be back to 20 degrees. keep the pets and plants inside and remember to take care of your own self. >>> thank you. it will be a happier and healthier holiday for thousands of bay area kids. more than 1,000 volunteers from silicon's valley biggest companies raced against the clock to build 2300 bikes in just under five areas. the bikes will be given
. our coldest location came in an hour ago, petaluma at 16. even napa got down to 26 degrees. a lot of this cold air is across most of the bay area. i wanted to point out the north bay, most of 101 right now is dealing with some patchy black ice. so you do want to make sure you are taking it easy on the roads this morning. it's still below freezing from napa to novato. as we widen out, you can see still below freezing in places like livermore where they're at 31. even concord the 32. san jose 32 right now and sunnyvale 29 cold degrees. we are cold, and even dangerously cold. this is the kind of weather you have to take it easy in and take it cautiously on those roadways. waking up to some beautiful sunrises this morning across the peninsula, the east bay, even san francisco. our camera guy back there adjusting some of those shots. you can see if you look at the peninsula, just an awesome shot. just a few high thin clouds. by the afternoon hours, we'll get rid of the clouds but we're not going to get rid of the cold. we only top out in the mid to upper 40s across the entire bay today
are in the upper 20s from novato, napa and santa rosa. san francisco at 39 right now. our coast in in the mid-30s. right through 7:00 very little change. by noontime low to mid-40s. by the afternoon maybe some areas could hit around 50, but overall once again we will be at least 10 degrees below average. just in the upper 40s today. less wind and a spare-the-air day this afternoon. we will look for a moderating trend coming into play as soon as tomorrow. katie. >> warming trend sounds good to me. thank you, lisa. meanwhile in the south bay officials are working to save lives as the temperature drops low enough to create life-threatening conditions. at least four deaths have occurred this week. but to get people off the streets and into shelters is making a difference. we report from a san jose shelter protecting more than 200 cold snap refugees. >> in addition to all of the beds, they had to bring in mats to handle the people that will need a place out of the coal. -- out of the cold. about 225 are expected at had shelter in san jose. >> i have people out there who are freezing and i worry about
overnight. black ice a concern. monday morning temperatures are expected to be the coldest. napa are expected to get to 21 degrees. this has been a very long cold spell. now the seventh consecutive day waking up with temperatures below freezing across the bay area. we will have more on the cold snap and when we are expected to warm up. >>> this cold weather has many people bundled upt at home. for those without a home the cold can be deadly. >> reporter: the workers here at eac are hoping to prevent another death related to the cold weather. this shelter is open 24 hours a day. the regular lottery system is suspended and at this point no one will be turned away. there are lots of people here inside that are grateful. sleeping on the street is dangerous in this weather. four homeless men have died during this cold spell. it is a grim reality that has some people going through their closet bringing in warm supplies to donate. >> just because of the time of year. i have a warm house. i see on the news all of the people that are out there. >> staff here spent the morning out searchin
are heading out, 27 in napa. and 28 in upper 30s in san francisco. 32 in san mateo. another freezing morning. we have a few more on the board. >> and cold may be the death for a homeless man. no cause has been given yet but they are taking the cold weather into account. an autopsy will be conducted tomorrow. exposure to the cold, if it caused his death, it would be the first person -- fifth person in the area to die due to the cold snap. >>> the storm dropped 3 feet of snow. we take this live picture. this is from tahoe city. you can see a brilliant start. a major resort opened for the season but they say they need more snow to swing into full operation. kirk wood reports it dumped about 2 to 3 feet of snow over a 24 hour period that ended yesterday morning. and snow fell with a foot and a half at squaw valley. all resorts ovenning limited operations now until they get some more snow. >>> a war veteran is spending his first day at home. his long awaited return is after being detained for 42 days in north korea. here he is yesterday. and the 85 year old arrived back in the bay area yesterday
and napa. upper 20s novato. by this time tomorrow we could see the numbers drop into the mid-30s. yesterday we had much milder temperatures in the 40s. milder, that's relative, right? so we are much, much cooler. it's going to take probably until the middle of the week or the end of the week before we get out of those freezing morning low temperatures. i'll show you that in a moment. as we get going through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. another chilly day today. a few 50s, mainly in the 40s. and a warming trend by monday. you will notice a difference out there. we are looking at the air quality with very little mixing in the north bay. hazy out there. elsewhere a. >> better but no woodburning throughout the by today. our satellite and radar composite, much of the nation gripped in a huge cold spell and the west coast in particular with high pressure building in. that cool, northerly flow continues to pump that cool air from canada down into the bay area. so the morning lows, 20s and 30s this morning along the coast and around the bay. then by tomorrow look at that, even chillier. tuesd
morning going down in the upper teens. now, look for low 20s, coldest spots and to santa rosa and napa and 20s for the east bay valleys and 20s try valley and freezing temperatures close to the bay, redwood city 32 and sunnyville and 30s for san francisco and oakland. tomorrow, clouds in the morning and lots of sunshine. once again high temperatures for the afternoon just in the mid to upper 40s. i'll tell you when it will get warmer in a few minutes. >> at least five people left displaced in alameda after a two-alarm fire. it started after 4:00 on san jose avenue. it took an hour to get it under control. no injuries right now though the fire department is calling this an electrical fire but the official cause is still under investigation. ahead of the big game between the san francisco 49ers, police are warning fans to keep the peace. kron4 reports that extra officers will be in attendance and you probably won't recognize them. >> security is tight and the day before the 49ers and the seahawks square off even the media is being turned away. this is an example of what police do not wan
degrees and napa down to 23. out on the east bay. and just 22 degrees at fairfield and 27 in san jose. also the coast not quite so bad and in san francisco, 33. we'll have the entire forecast for you in just a few minutes. ann? >>> all right, icy temperatures helped set a new record for pg&e this week, customers used more natural gas on a thursday than in any single day of the company's 108 year history. fge and says -- pg&e says the previous record 4.3 billion cubic feet on a cold day in 1998. on an average day customers use half that amount. >>> volunteers are hitting the streets of san jose trying to keep hamulose people warm and alive -- homeless people warm and alive. this comes after four people in santa clara county died this week of hypothermia. they have been handing out socks and blankets and also encouraging the homeless to come into shelters but sometimes getting the homeless to come into a shelter isn't an easy thing to do. >> there comes a point where the somebody has said no to you and closed the door in your face you stop believes and triking that people -- believing a
degrees in livermore, antioch, 35, freezing in fairfield. 3degrees in a few more low 30s into napa and santa rosa. so all of these neighbors will be back into the 20s first thing tomorrow morning. san francisco 41 and sfo checking in right now at 42 degrees. with the relatively clear skiing and clearing skies overnight, the drop in temperature pattern will continue. as a result, first thing tomorrow morning, coming up at at 10:35, we'll also break down the coldest morning of the week, tomorrow we will not be the cold yet. we'll have that answer coming up and when temperatures will be trending upward once again that is coming up at 10:35. >> thank you, mark. >>> the frigid temperatures this morning are to blame for at least one death, possibly two in the bay area. the highway patrol says icy roads contributetoid deadly traffic accident just before 8:00 this morning on highway 101 healdsburg. investigators say a 52-year-old santa rosa woman after her truck crashed into a grove of trees. a homeless man was found dead in dublin this morning. authorities say he may have died from expos
there. napa 46. nevada already 43. 46 right now in concord. san jose right now checking in which a few high clouds here and there. here is a look at our forecast highlights, freeze warning overnight for much of the bay area. sunny and cool for your sunday and warming, yes, warming is expected as we head no next week. you can clearly see that jet stream really just pushing south. another cool pocket of cold air will settle over the area tonight and tomorrow. it looks like it will be tuesday and wednesday before things really start to warm up around here. and as we take a look at our overnight lows tonight, yeah, remember, pets, plants and your pipes as temperatures in the north bay below freezing. santa rosa 28. we'll go 38 for san francisco, there palo alto, low 30s to upper 20s in the livermore area. livermore 29 degrees. let me take you through the next two to three days.#gf1 you will see on sunday, generally in the 20s, 30s around the bay. you are freezing around the coast. it looks like monday could be the coldest morning which temperatures inland near 20 degrees. possibly in the u
. >> back to you. >> let's look at our current temperatures. a chilly start, santa rosa 27, napa 38, fremont is 36. this is what we are looking at later today. 48 in san francisco. san jose, 49, 46 napa. as we move later to the work week, a warming trend. by wednesday in the bay area we could see 57 degrees. >>> while freezing temps might have you yearning for a nice cozy fire hold on. today is a spare the air day around the area. using fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, outdoor fire pits, not allowed today. high pressure system covering the bay area through the day traps smoke close to the ground so the bay area air quality management district says this makes for unhealthy polluted air. >>> he is back, bat kid, mile scott, returned to the bay area for the brave the bay make a wish fund raiser with his usual as the result and swagger. there he is, bat kid, braves the frigid conditions yesterday and led the 5k run walk. the 5 year old's leukemia is in remission and made the trip to raise money for other kids with cancer. batkid is more than happy to be of service. >> if he can help anybo
around napa. below average temperatures today. we will look for the freeze warning again tonight except for san francisco. so the current satellite picture shows this trough persistent jet stream well to the south of us, all the way down into baja, california. then the system off jr. will reinforce the cold air, bring dryer air, the clear sky and another frigid night tonight. here's a look at half dome. look at the snow. isn't this beautiful? a couple overnight lows in the next few days. 30s around the bay. inland low 30s. monday into tuesday, perhaps another freeze warning. then it looks like we are out of the woods by wednesday. but in terms of high temperatures today, southern california making it up to about 60. 48 in sacramento. 29 in tahoe. minus 13 this morning. afternoon highs 50 oakland, 48 fairfield as well as morgue again hill and headed to candlestick. northeast wind. not as windy as it could be there. the spare the air today. the freeze warning tonight. likely monday night. then we are sunny, milder midweek and near 60 with very little chance of rain on friday and saturday
. of course protect plants and pets. tomorrow night overnight lows down to 23 degrees at napa. 33 in san francisco and it will be freezing in pacifica. 33 degrees at mountain view and just 27 in san jose. livermore 26 degrees out at travis air force base. 22 and as i said it's just going to get a little bit worse tomorrow night too. the entire forecast coming up for you in a few minutes. >>> it's been a cold and miserable week for those living on the streets. kpix 5's brian webb on the efforts to reach out to the homeless and encourage them to seek shelter. brian? >> reporter: ann, volunteers have been handing out black its and hats and socks all day long but more importantly trying to convince them urge them to come inside a warm shelter on another bitterly cold night but that's not as easy as it sounds. >> you can find them in plain sight all across silicon valley. in public parks and under overpasses squeezed into the cracks of society. people like jimmy. >> very hard i mean you don't know where the next meal the going to come from. you don't note where you're going to get a blanket.
. napa a chilly start 28 degrees. fair field 3 1. later onto day we can hope for 48 in san francisco. mountain view 67. later in the week looks like a warming trend. we'll be back in the 50s by midweek. wheel the freezing them -- them -- temps. today you can't use fireplaces. this makes for unhealthy pa -- polluted air. >>> he's back. back kid. his usual swagger cam a -- came along with him. he lead the 5k walk. he came to raise money for her kids with cancer. >> if he can help anybody by dressing up and being batted kid -- batkid then that's what we want. >> he raised $5,000. the sell of batkid clothing raised more then $30,000. >>> a -- risky gun ad. ,, a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. uncle go one,two,one,two,one [u
the bay. only 27 in santa rosa and 26 in napa. the entire north bay still dealing with that threat for black ice. you can see concord at 32. 31 for livermore. san jose at 33. take it easy once you step outside today. we are waking up to some clouds but the temperatures by this afternoon will warm, only slightly though, back into the mid to upper 40s across the bay today. >>> for today's top spot, we're taking you to a chilly salinas, california, from our affiliate ksbw, the grand opening of tatum's garden. it's a wonderful place. a fully inclusive and accessible playground for children of all ages and physical abilities. the opening will include face painting, entertainment and lots of opportunities for kids to play. my advice is bundle up. it's a lot colder in california than it should be. >> we'll take that advice here in new york, too. as we know the holidays can be tough on families dealing with a difficult situation. when one parent is in the military, it can make the challenges even greater. janet shamlian has made it easier. >> reporter: on a quiet cul-de-sac in aurora, cali
. and coalest locations in the 20s. 28 in napa. and mid-20s outside your door. and 21 in san rafael. and in livermore. upper 20s in antioch and around the bay, 30s. 30s reported at the oakland airport. 38 in san francisco. sun the place sitting at 41 has to do with the breeze that is blowing at sfo, if you are headed out there, it is slightly warmer. consider the windchill factor with the air and one day as well. >> # three as well in foster city. and you are checking in at 37. >> three # at saratoga. and just a very chilly morning. step be -- stepping out to the farmer's market. cool, we will be below average once again and keep in mind. it is a spare to the air day and clear and cold in the national weather service. it is anticipating another freeze warning for the area tonight. into tomorrow. >> if you are going out to see the niners play. it is 40 across the board. we get into the noon hour. >> that is about it. and take a look at the afternoon highs. >> widespread 40s. in the forecast. >> 47 for santa rosa. as we get into the extended forecast here. >> second half of the weeken
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)